Principal of Vincent Aviation Publications and RAAF historian & author, David Vincent, sent us the following email on 4 January 2013 subsequently to receiving his copy of Eagles of the Southern Sky,

"My first reaction to opening up the book was what a huge volume it is with so much detail and so many photos plus colour profiles and maps. In fact I would say the pictorial content is quite surprising given the general lack (or perceived lack) of cameras at the time. But finding photos is only oneof the problems because it's the detail of the story that will make or break the book . It's obvious from the massive amount of information that you have collected that this again is a very strong point in your volume.

In short, I believe that you and your associate editors have filled a massive gap in recording the history of the early stages of the air war over New Guinea, one that frankly I never expected to see filled given the difficulties involved. Such new coverage should ensure that this volume will be warmly embraced not just here in Australia, but also in the USA, Japan and New Guinea for years to come. Congratulations to all concerned."