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Just received my copy this afternoon - superb. Still wading through, and I mean wading. The text is huge, well written, and chocabloc with historical info I've never seen before. I found the info on the Babs recco missions particularly fascinating. Luca Ruffato has dug up impressive and intriguing material on the Tainan NAG that's for sure. The B&W photos are numerous, and I've only seen a few before. The profiles are well documented and technically accurate - among the best Japanese ones I've seen. The 75 Sqn Kittyhawks and other rare RAAF birds are also there for the first time thanks to expertise of Aussie Gordie Birket. I also like the honesty in the profiles presentations - reasons for any doubts are provided. No doubt this is a landmark 'first' for a history of a Japanese unit in English. I see it is titled as Volume One, however I can't imagine we'll see Vol 2 in a hurry. A book of this detail must take years and maximum effort. Criticisms? If you are finicky like me, two colour profile pages are slightly darker than they should be. Likely a printing issue. My only real gripe however is I would have preferred a hard cover - a book of this historical quality deserves it, and so the softcover, although well-presented, is a pity. Congrats to the numerous historians/ authors/ artists/ specialists who assembled this giganturn work.
John Onslow

Got My Copy of Eagles of the Southern Sky yesterday managed to page through it and what I saw was fantastic anyone interested in the Tainan Wing over New Guinea should order this book it is well worth the money the pictures are good some not published before and looks like a great read, I also thought it should be hard cover but it is a great addition to my Collection
Kyufu Shiden-kai

Got my copy within 48 hours of ordering, now I do live in the same city as the distributor in Australia, but I did not expect such fast service. This is a superb work, congrats to the Authors and other contributors to this fine work. As others have echoed, would have preferred a hard cover for a few extra dollars..however I really don't want to detract from this excellent work though.
Wayne Little