Profile 34 is a Nakajima-built A6M2, as indicated by the white surround around the hinomaru. Several of these Model 21s possibly found their way into the Tainan inventory briefly at Rabaul around late October/ early November 1942.

Several came with Hokoku (patriotic) markings. These were hand-painted in Nakajima's factory, but applied with stencil in the Mitsubishi one, as seen on Model 32s in profiles 31 thru 33. V-185 & V-187 had their yellow Tainan sashes painted right up to the edge of the Japanese characters. F-104 is a former Dai-4 Kokutai kansen fighter. These were operated by the Tainan at Lae and Rabaul during their first few months in New Guinea.

V-190 was operated by Lt Inano Kiku'ichi and was the only known Tainan fighter to carry white buntaicho stripes on the fin.