A sample of Japanese aircraft which fought alongside the Tainan. Profile #39 is Kanoya Kokutai A6M2 K-108 as operated from Vunakanau in October 1942, Hokoku-556.

Profile 40 depicts a Model 21 from Shokaku which shared Rabaul air bases with the Tainan in late 1942. Note the red piping on the fuselage and shotaicho stripes.

Profile 41 shows a suisen from Yokohama kokutai, and Profile 42 depicts an F1M from Kiyokawa Maru Hikotai at Buna around June 1942. Airacobra pilots of the day referred to these as 'float Zeros'.

Profiles 48 and 49 showcase G3M2 Type 96 Land-based Attack Aircraft Rikujō Kōgeki-ki (九六式陸上攻撃機) rikkō operated by Dai-1 and Genzan kōkutai.

The Tainan often escorted G4M1 rikkō from Dai-4 kōkutai as per Profile 52.

Profile 51 shows one of the three G6M1-L transports used by the Tainan. These differed slightly from their G4M1 counterparts with, inter alia, larger access door and differing blisters.