GordonĀ  took up Aviation research after a lifetime of token interest, in a determination to get the facts straight on the RAAF and USAAF deployments to the Pacific theatre, with particular focus on the early 1942 period. He has provided specific details on aircraft and pilots to specialist authors throughout the years, including William Bartsch, Bob Alford, Damian Waters, Peter Gross, Michael Claringbould and Peter Boer.

Gordon is a founding member of ADF-Serials.com.au, and has been employed since 2001 as their research co-ordinator in WW2 aircraft. Currently the editor of the telegraph E-news of ADF-Serials.com.au, he is also a member of the Queensland Air Museum, and a research contributor in assisting pro-bona, authors, websites and the Australian War Memorial who regularly request his assistance in researching WW2 operations and wrecks.

Gordon 'retired' early, but this gave him more time to avidly pursue further interests in aviation. His current focus is trying to compile data per all RAAF Spitfires and P-40 Kittyhawks, after having successfully completed such data on RAAF Hudsons, Vengeances and Wirraways for ADF -Serials.com. Gordon's contribution to the history of RAAF P-40Es in 'EAGLES of the SOUTHERN SKY', in conjunction with research by collaborator 'Buzz' Bushby, has been instrumental in presenting definitive presentations of the history and markings of RAAF No. 75 Squadron per their engagement with the Tainan Kokutai in New Guinea.