Ed DeKiep

Ed DeKiep is an American, born in 1957, and resides on a Centennial Farm in Ferrysburg, Michigan with his wife and two sons. He is a Mechanical Engineer with BSME and MSE degrees from the University of Michigan, specializing in Internal combustion engine design. His Masters degree included writing a chapter on emission control systems for internal combustion engines for a handbook on Emission Controls. He worked for General Motors where he wrote the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for the first Electronic Unit Injector for Detroit Diesel engines, and designed and performed dynamic computer simulation analysis of cam lift profiles and valve train systems for GM and Isuzu engine programs. He also designed specialized furniture and material handling systems for Hospitals and Laboratories. He is currently employed by Center Manufacturing as a project engineer, managing the launch of projects for Honda Automotive and Powersports divisions.

Ed grew up in nearby Grand Haven, Michigan, and has had a lifelong interest in aircraft; fueled by the annual Coast Guard Festival air shows that were held there while he was growing up. Among many featured performers, these included the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, Bill Fornof, and Bob Hoover. Ed developed a special interest in modeling Japanese aircraft because his grandfather had served in New Guinea and the Philippines during the war. This turned into an obsession when he first saw Houkoku markings portrayed on the box art of a Reisen Model 32 model kit as a teenager. He has spent many years since then researching these presentation aircraft, marked with the names of their donors. His research into Houkoku aircraft progressed into him researching the marking systems of the units that flew them as well.

When not engrossed in something aircraft-related, Ed enjoys collecting and restoring classic and muscle cars (of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s), farming as a hobby, and attending heavy metal concerts with his family.

Ed was inducted as a member of PAWHA in 2012.